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Cat Eats a Prawn in Slow Motion

Linny, The Star of the Show!

The staff at Shooters Media Towers were very jealous to see a family member receiving a cool Nikon 1 from Father Christmas this year.

Of course the obligatory photos of screwed-up wrapping-paper and full 1080p footage of cranky relatives eat up the memory card for most of the day. However, we did have some real fun using some of the video settings it had to offer.

As well as being capable of shooting HD quality movies, (at 1080p 30fps or 1080i 60fps or 720p 60fps) the real party-piece of the Nikon1 was ability to shoot video at 400 frames per second.

We had some real fun with this, such as dropping rubber figurines into glasses of orange juice and capturing the family tradition of throwing disused banana-peel at younger siblings - just for 'slow-motion playback research' mind - sadly I have been asked (well, told) not to post that particular video online.

Anyway, shooting at 400fps, the resolution is lower and the aspect ratio is a cinematic-looking ultra-widescreen (2.67:1), but the quality is good enough to display on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, you could do some real creative stuff.

So we decided to film our 18-year-old, almost blind, almost deaf cat eating a prawn, and I think the results are worth sharing... because it looks funny. So I decided to throw it on YouTube - obviously the sound effects were added afterwards.


Additionally, there is a further setting for the Nikon V1 delivering play-back at an immense 1200fps video mode, but the resolution is even lower and overall quality is really pixelated, not worth using but kinda cool to look back on in camera just for fun.

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