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(VIDEO) Car Crash outside Shooters!!

Watch the Video!

Watch the Video!

Outside the offices of Shooters Media this morning, I managed to capture the aftermath of a car crash, only feet away from mine too! I was very lucky not to have my car damaged as it was very close.

A woman had to be cut free from her vehicle when it left the road and ended up on it's back outside the Rossendale Borough Council Offices in Bacup.

The accident happened at Futures Park Business Centre this morning after it's believed she lost control in the icy conditions

No further details were immediately available.


Graveyard Shift

Last weekend Shooters Media pitched up at a Rossendale graveyard (of all places) to shoot scenes for a new short film being produced in the valley.

If one word sums up the experience, it was “bitter”! It’s not that we held any grievances with anyone; I mean it was absolute ice blocks! The mourning extras must have felt frozen before we wrapped, but hats off to their perseverance. And if we learned just one thing that day it’s this; you CAN get piles from park benches. Fact. (According to the Lead Actress)


Shooters shares its Kodak moment….

Be Kind, Rewind

This morning, I was confronted by two news articles that struck a chord. The first was the sad demise of Eastman Kodak; the second was the eerily well-timed trailer release for a new movie focusing on ‘film vs. digital’. There’s an evident link between the two and in some ways it’s very sad, and in others it really demonstrates how important this last decade has been. I like to think I never take the digital medium for granted; after all it’s something that has provided so many opportunities to us as film-makers today.


Please Sir, I Want Some More…

Oliver poster

DVD currently in production

Shooters Media collaborated with Basics Junior Theatre School from Burnley to film their latest production 'Oliver!' at the Mechanics.

The 2 hour DVD, which will be available next month will feature the whole show including all the famous songs such as "Food, Glorious Food", "Consider Yourself" and "Pick a Pocket or Two".

The performance was filmed with a couple of Sony V1e's over two nights and then edited together to accommodate both Oliver Twists, played by Jack Roche and Toby Cooke.


Favour with Bombay Flavour

Bombay Lounge

Excellent Food enjoyed by Shooters Media

When Nurul Hoque asked the Shooters Media team to pop down and grab some footage of his restaurant near Burnley, it was an excuse to get together with Garry from Online Media Direct and have the 2011 Shooters Media Christmas Party.

His restaurant, Bombay Lounge in Barrowford, is a great place to enjoy tasty Indian food with a great atmosphere, while friendly staff provide an excellent service. They also do Takeaways.

If you are in the area, I am told that anyone who mentions Paul Coppack will get 10% discount on food and drink (and free shots!) - just ask for Nurul Hoque.


Sparky Vs… 2011

Goodbye 2011, a mourner bids farewell at New Year

Well here it is, my first blog! It’s taken quite a while to get here, as I was rather resistant. But now I’m wondering if this could be quite a risky venture to have a new stage to vent my everyday frustrations. As if the poor Shooters office wasn’t enough? I’ll try to be consistent but I know in the many blogs to come, people will come to wonder “where’s the link”?  Don’t worry, I think this will just have to be a common theme with my ramblings.

I considered blogging about the year that was 2011, to sort of make my own personal farewell official. Through better wisdom I’ve deciding against this, as I really won’t stop if I start. I’m also thankful I didn’t start to blog over the farce that was yet again the festive period. Boots ‘3 for 2’ anyone?? Bah, humbug!


Cat Eats a Prawn in Slow Motion

Linny, The Star of the Show!

The staff at Shooters Media Towers were very jealous to see a family member receiving a cool Nikon 1 from Father Christmas this year.

Of course the obligatory photos of screwed-up wrapping-paper and full 1080p footage of cranky relatives eat up the memory card for most of the day. However, we did have some real fun using some of the video settings it had to offer.

As well as being capable of shooting HD quality movies, (at 1080p 30fps or 1080i 60fps or 720p 60fps) the real party-piece of the Nikon1 was ability to shoot video at 400 frames per second.


Tash McDermott’s Alternative Christmas Speech

McDermott in Tash Force

McDermott in Tash Force

On Christmas Day, like every other Christmas Day, Her Majesty the Queen speaks to millions of living rooms through the old magic lantern.

However, the Christmas Speech everybody seems to be talking about this year was an Alternative one by Tash McDermott, the star of a new documentary film by Pleased Sheep Films.

Remembering those who are less fortunate at this time of year, he sympathises with Blackburn Rovers supporters, who are experiencing a dreadful festive period with their team propping up the bottom the Premier League table, but the Head of Football Intelligence, like Sir Alex Ferguson, gives words of support to close-friend and under-fire manager - Steve Kean.


Showing a Monkey How to Blog

This is a stupid test to show Sparky how to blog... it will be removed soon... in the meantime please enjoy this Bombay Lounge Video we did in return for an excellent meal


Christmas Blog

Welcome to the first Shooters Media blog. Here are at Shooters' Towers we hope to bring you interesting news and sharing the things we have worked on in the world of Video Production, our recent projects and other bits and bats that might be useful enough to post on the World Wide Web.

So what have we got on with in recent weeks? Well Sparky is applying some finishing touches to some fitness video's for Bodybuilding Warehouse while I have been capturing over 8 hours of DV Cassette of BASIC's performance of Oliver at The Burnley Mechanics.