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Welcome to the first Shooters Media blog. Here are at Shooters' Towers we hope to bring you interesting news and sharing the things we have worked on in the world of Video Production, our recent projects and other bits and bats that might be useful enough to post on the World Wide Web.

So what have we got on with in recent weeks? Well Sparky is applying some finishing touches to some fitness video's for Bodybuilding Warehouse while I have been capturing over 8 hours of DV Cassette of BASIC's performance of Oliver at The Burnley Mechanics.

'Nancy' from Oliver at Burnley Mechanics

So with bits and bobs needing to be done before Christmas, there was some festive cheer when I was one of the lucky winners in the prize giveaway competition receiving a Manfrotto LED Camera light. Not the best camera light in the world, but it does a job. Certainly not complaining.

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