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Be Kind, Rewind

This morning, I was confronted by two news articles that struck a chord. The first was the sad demise of Eastman Kodak; the second was the eerily well-timed trailer release for a new movie focusing on ‘film vs. digital’. There’s an evident link between the two and in some ways it’s very sad, and in others it really demonstrates how important this last decade has been. I like to think I never take the digital medium for granted; after all it’s something that has provided so many opportunities to us as film-makers today.

It’s hard to believe that only as far back as 2001; I was still shooting video on clumsy shoulder mounted VHS cameras, and cutting my first films on an analogue video suite. I would’ve been blown away to be told that in just a few years’ time, even Hollywood would shoot big budget movies on a mobile phone! I still even feel in awe of what a low cost DSLR camera and a laptop can achieve. It’s incredible. To see huge pioneers like Kodak leave the scene, it just reminds me of how big these changes are and continue to be.

With Kodak in mind, check out this new trailer for the upcoming documentary ‘Side by Side’. Keanu Reeves showcases interviews with Hollywood’s most influential filmmakers including David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Christopher Nolan about the ‘death of film’ and their ideas of the future of moviemaking.

Side by Side Official Trailer (2012) from Company Films on Vimeo.

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