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Sparky Vs… 2011

Goodbye 2011, a mourner bids farewell at New Year

Well here it is, my first blog! It’s taken quite a while to get here, as I was rather resistant. But now I’m wondering if this could be quite a risky venture to have a new stage to vent my everyday frustrations. As if the poor Shooters office wasn’t enough? I’ll try to be consistent but I know in the many blogs to come, people will come to wonder “where’s the link”?  Don’t worry, I think this will just have to be a common theme with my ramblings.

I considered blogging about the year that was 2011, to sort of make my own personal farewell official. Through better wisdom I’ve deciding against this, as I really won’t stop if I start. I’m also thankful I didn’t start to blog over the farce that was yet again the festive period. Boots ‘3 for 2’ anyone?? Bah, humbug!

One thing that caught my eye at the end of 2011 however was the advent of what 2012 promised in terms of new camera technology. Something naturally close to our hearts at Shooters, although much is left to speculation if you’re in the Canon camp as of yet. What we are expecting though is a Mark 3 edition of the Canon EOS 5D and a Mark 2 edition of the EOS 7D.  There is also talk of the much fabled Canon EOS 3D (thankfully NOT in 3D) to launch in the last quarter of 2012 depending on the success of 5D MK3 and 7D MK2. Also this year we will see a new Canon 650D (T4i) the successor to the fantastic plastic 550D (T2i) and 600D (T3i).

Don’t worry if it sounds like a bunch of jargon, as we move slowly into this year I’ll update the blog with a better breakdown of what we you need to know and look out for with these new toys.

Sparky, out.

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  1. Well done Mr sparks I look forward to following your progress. Perhaps a personal twitter account will follow shortly.

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